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Nanofabrication Services- Carbon Nanotubes

CAD Services in conjunction with

  1. Research and Development
    Nanotechnologies for manipulating light and matter in novel ways are here to stay. From energy harvesting to extreme light suppression, its all possible.
  2. Nanofabrication services
    Our team and our network of collaborators have created devices including e-beam emitters, carbon nanotube absorber superconducting transition edge detectors, baffles, magnetic mirrors, nanoantennas using state of the art techniques. Synthetic molecules are within our reach.
  3. Test Services
    We can work with your team to design and implement test plans of instruments spanning the far infrared to EUV and beyond.
  4. Optical Alignment
    There isn't an optical design (or non-optical design for that matter) that we can't find a way to integrate and align using a variety of tools. The earlier in the design process the better we can accommodate nearly any requirement.
  5. Design Services
    Conceptual and Computer Aided Design of precision fixtures and hardware to support component, mechanism, sub-assembly and instrument for integration and test. Fast turnaround for small projects on credit card purchase. Ideal for IRAD support. Solidworks, AutoCAD and CREO
  6. TRL0 to TRL8
    NASA's Technology Readiness Levels span the spectrum from laboratory concept to deployed on orbit. Advanced Nanophotonics and our worldwide collaborative team can support it all.