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Research Facility
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University of Maryland Nanofabrication Center User
Nanofabrication Services- Carbon Nanotubes

CAD Services in conjunction with

Advanced Components
Optical Engineering
Our team members have designed, fabricated, assembled and tested scientific instruments.  We know how to attack a problem from the system level. 
Advanced Technology-
Carbon Nanotubes for stray light control, e-beam emitters, detector absorbers and other applications
Opto-mechancical design
CAD Services
Coating services
     - Metallic coatings
     - Dielectric coatings
     - Carbon Nanotubes
Nanofabrication services
     - Patterned Lithography

Fast turnaround-support for small projects via credit card
Optical Engineering

Optical Systems Engineering
Error Budgets
Instrument Design
Alignment, Integration, Test

Design of GSE and Test Plans
Review Support

From Outer Space
Nanotechnologies to enhance the capabilities of scientific instrumentation.  Advanced stray light suppression to improve signal to noise, observational efficiency in high contrast regions and enable new science.
Created for NASA Link
To Inner Space
Nanoscale materials interact with light and matter in novel ways to create compelling new applications: energy harvesting, e-beam sources, single-photon counting detectors and near ideal calibrators.
Blacker than Black: pi-Black
Blacker than Black
The components we have built include:
Entrance slits
e-beam emitters
IR detector absorbers
We can design and fabricate components with carbon nanotube coatings that reflect less than 0.1% of light in the infrared- 10 to 30x better than aerospace paints